Mr. Brainwash – “Art Show 2011″ opens Christmas Day in LA


Mr. Brainwash’s “Art Show 2011″ will be opening today with a preview of the show starting at 3pm and then officially open to the public on December 25th and run through the 29th. “Art Show 2011″ is set up in a huge 80,000 square foot building in Los Angeles and James Haunt had a chance to stop by and add some work to the massive show, check it out!

- Click here for James Haunt at “Art Show 2011″ -

960 N. La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Dec.22: (Preview) – 7pm to midnight (rsvp:
Dec. 25: 2pm to 6pm Dec 26-29: 1pm to 7pm

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Official Website:
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On Twitter:@MrBrainwash

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On Twitter: @jameshaunt

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