James Haunt x Red Bull Plaza (Bear Mountain) Recap


James Haunt and crew had the opportunity to head up to Bear Mountan this past week to add some finishing touches to the incredible new Red Bull Plaza which opened yesterday at the mountain. For those of you that haven’t heard about the Red Bull Plaza yet, it is a huge addition to the already more than stellar terrain park that Bear mantains on the daily.

The new addition is a first of its kind installment that include a 30’ marble ledge, two 20’ concrete rails, three ledges, two banks, a kink building wall, building wall with a ledge attachment, four stair sets, two down rails, bleacher box, planter ledge box and a down-flat-down ledge wall.

For  the full photo recap of James Haunt and The Bad Character bombin out the Red Bull Barriers at Bear Mountain, check out our flickr page here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jameshaunt/sets/72157628395025021/

Huge props to Director of Park Development, Clayton Shoemaker and his entire staff as well as Red Bull in making this dream a reality. On Thursday night Bear hosted the opening video/photo shoot which included JSLV pro’s Chris Bradshaw and Lucas Magoon as well as Forest Bailey, Daniel Brown, Will Bateman, Pat Lynch, Brett Wilkinson, and Big Mike. Check out the video below to see what went down!

Shout out to The Bad Character for cruising out and helping with the project (you are a G), and to Bear Mountain and Snowboarder Magazine on the video, photos and blog recap, for more info check out the following links!

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